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Greatest Treasure

Turning Points

Life has so many turning points. Each turning point involves a choice, a decision to be made. Why not be at your best? You can be at your best, not only meeting these turning points with excellent, beneficial decisions, but also your superconscious insight will reveal the turning point to you before it occurs. Your faculty of creative intelligence prepares you again and again to make the best, the very best, of your decades on planet earth. With this special insight you can see the finest direction and course for the furtherance of your life. Without this superconscious insight there is a blindness of your whole being much more profound than that of not having eyes. It is a blindness of mind and soul. We are, in this state, not capable of seeing the way to fulfillment or lasting happiness.

What wouldn't you give to be able to make excellent decisions? What would it be worth to choose wisely, to know how best to meet your challenges, to know when to act and when to be quiet, to know when to move and when to wait? You can have superconscious insight. You can experience this creative intelligence every day if you learn how to contact your higher consciousness.

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