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What People Crave

So much of what people seek in life involves raising their level of consciousness. Don't you ó don't all of us ó seek to experience a life which is rewarding and full of meaning, rather than a life of conflict, confusion and chaos? Donít we yearn to know ourselves and others more profoundly ó more truly? Donít all of us seek well being, insight and the inner power to change our lives in many ways?

Wouldn't you like higher knowledge and amazing insights regarding your problems and concerns? Wouldn't you like to contact your Higher Self and discover your connection with the Infinite Consciousness?

Do you seek a peace and clarity which thrills and restores you? Do you seek a love that lasts and isnít a fraud? Would you like to exchange your years of accumulated stress and anxiety for a new era of ecstasy and personal achievement? Would you like to establish an ongoing sense of well being and participate in the gratifying creation of a better world?

Graham Ledgerwood
Don't you have deep questions within you which ache for answers? Perhaps you frequently feel that you are meant to be a finer, more fulfilled, and happier person: you yearn to be free of old limitations and be more delightfully alive!

If you, too, murmur these vital questions, feel similar feelings, and recognize these yearnings as your own, you are a mystic by nature. You are a candidate for higher consciousness!

Enjoy learning about these marvelous aspects of mystical life here at The 32 Life Lessons at this website guide you through the highlights of superconscious life ó from basic concepts to the treasures of advanced mystic knowledge.

You are also invited to receive actual training and acquire the revered techniques of the mystics at Mysteries.Net, our subscription site. The first six Mysteries of Life are free of charge and the following Mysteries are available to you online for a few dollars per year.

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