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Greatest Treasure

Value of Insight

Again and again people with worried, turbulent minds make snap decisions shortsighted decisions which bring hurt and even ruin into their lives. Sometimes a person without creative intelligence puts all his energy into getting the goal of his dreams, only to find that goal was not worth the effort. His or her dream falls to the pavement and smashes to bits. The hope for happiness and love becomes pain and criticism. Pleasure deteriorates into torture. The hope of being close to someone often makes you blind about what that "special person" is really like. Your distorted mind confuses the relationship and the "yearned for" intimacy becomes instead a sense of revulsion, or even self-hatred.

Insight, creative intelligence from deep within you, helps you avoid many losses, many tears. Insight keeps you from being stuck in a horrible problem for years, stuck in futility and lack of self-expression.

Insight from your higher consciousness is creative. It helps generate not only solutions for your problems but new opportunities and options for you. Consider the American immigrant who found he didn't have to spend his life being a busboy while anxiously hoping for a waiter's position. Instead, he discovered within himself the abilities to become a millionaire in real estate. He more than solved his problems he creatively found a new life.

Consider another example. Years ago doctors routinely threw out moldy blood samples by the thousands. However, Alexander Fleming, the Scottish bacteriologist, followed an intuitive insight to study the mold on a blood sample which had gone bad. Fleming's insight was the beginning of the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics. In many ways Fleming's creative intelligence and that of a small group of colleagues at Oxford University changed the world.

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