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Greatest Treasure

2 Security

To many people, the growing sense of security and comfort is the most wonderful aspect of higher consciousness. Even sophisticated and seemingly powerful people with numbered Swiss bank accounts, weighty diamonds, and $140,000 cars yearn for a sense of security. A seemingly omnipotent boss confided on the way to his third coronary, "I spent half my life to get this management desk. I have to spend the rest of my life fighting to keep it."

We all need to feel there are safe and untroubled places in our lives where we can relax and confidently refresh our energies. At times we need a spot free of disturbance or any unwanted infringement. Without daily periods in which we feel definitely secure, we can become progressively neurotic and spend all our time in considerable discomfort. Without a profound sense of security, worry and fear become our way of life and we cannot feel deep within us that it is good to be alive, or that it is good to be a distinct individual.

Your life is precious, you are precious. When you still the hubbub of your thoughts and emotions for awhile, you can sense the strong comfort of your higher consciousness. You sense the immensity of your inner strength. When you discover your mighty inner security, a renewed sense of purpose fills your mind. In the security of your higher consciousness, you also gain a sense of self-esteem. You are more able to discern superconscious insight and learn how to accomplish your projects. This enriching security calms your heart and nerves; it helps your blood pressure. Security prepares you to enjoy your life and achieve your goals at will.


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