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Greatest Treasure

The Wandering Mind

Do you know the average person can only keep his mind on one thing for six to eleven seconds at a time? The average used to be eleven seconds about twenty years ago, but psychologists think that due to social pressures, chronic television-viewing, and drug damage the average concentration span is now only six seconds; and it's getting worse. So, even when you're thinking about something you choose to think about, something you like to think about, your mind will tend to wander every six seconds if you're average. You will have to consciously make an effort to bring it back. This inner chaos goes on and on. A sense of well being and the ability to think clearly is destroyed whenever thoughts or feelings are turbulent.

Millions of people have indicated in various surveys that they seek peace of mind above all. Great historical figures from the past have indicated they would give anything for peace of mind. Marcus Aurelius spoke of the great difficulty which he, the emperor of the whole Roman Empire, found in establishing peace of mind. Peace of mind is a greater treasure than most emperors can win.

You will gain peace of mind greater than emperors have been able to find when you experience your higher consciousness. As you develop you will be able to establish periods of peace whenever you choose. Later, as you develop even more, you will be able to sense peace filling your being in the midst of your activity. You will be able to become actively calm and calmly active. Scarcely any people living in the world today have found a state of deep peace in the midst of their activities. Actively calm and calmly active, you will discover a most blissful and heavenly quality in your daily activity.

Peace Feels Good 

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