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Living In
Mystical Awareness

At first, mystics visit higher consciousness. These visits are peak experiences which enrich their lives immeasurably. They bring back many treasures from these sublime visits: insights, solutions, manifestations, demonstrations, empowerment, greater vitality, peacefulness, utter well-being, courage, confidence, joy, self-esteem, compassion, good will, enthusiasm, enhanced abilities, and many other mystic gems.

But, then, as mystics become accustomed to enjoying the treasures of higher consciousness in their daily lives, they make another life-transforming discovery: They begin to live in Mystical Awareness! They never leave it. They find they can participate in a wonderful existence in the busy world while maintaining unbroken higher consciousness.

Moment by Moment

You, too, may one day move beyond visiting your higher awareness to a more awakened state.

You will live in mystic awareness, moment by moment, day by day, for the rest of your life.

But first, there must be a Mystical Wedding and a Rebirth.


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