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Greatest Treasure

New Possibilities

Here we are, sharing the modern world. We have so many advantages over previous times in history. We live in a world of new possibilities computers, space travel, instant communication with the world via satellite. One agricultural representative in the United States says we could, in this country alone, produce enough food to feed eleven billion people!

Thousands of Americans become "new millionaires" every year because of their hard work, and the way they maximize opportunities which are often unseen by others. Approximately 100 people become millionaires every day in the U.S. By far, owners of small businesses "make up the largest number of millionaires." ** Ebony Magazine finds "one million American families are worth $1,000,000 or more!" ** Who knows how many millionaires there will be in ten years?

Just as key people throughout history have sensed new possibilities and have given birth to great inventions, inspiring works of literature and art, gorgeous symphonies, so too you may reach out to your higher consciousness and further the entire human race in its progression.

It has always been the case that some people refused to merely accept the menaces and problems which afflicted their society. They refused to be destroyed by challenges to their health or their very existence. They sought solutions sometimes very desperately. In their quest they again and again reported enlightening experiences which sparked their greatest creativity. They clearly indicated that they, by design or accident, entered into the higher consciousness. Consider Newton's observations about falling objects; the pre-war discoveries of radar by Watson-Watt and others; Frederick the Great's observations that countries should rule themselves, not be dominated by an empire; Ben Franklin's observations that people should be free to rule themselves, not dominated by a foreign power or tyrannical government; and on and on. Mozart, Beethoven, Madame Curie, da Vinci, Dante, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Michelangelo, Einstein, people who contacted their higher consciousness, not only rose above the collective problems of their age but became its genius.

Global Challenges 

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