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Greatest Treasure

4 — Inner Power

We feel very puny in this part of the twenty second century. Small and impotent, we continue to feel the burden of a potential nuclear holocaust — accidental or intentional — and, then again, we hear that terrorists who dislike us now have colossal bombs, too. The ground beneath our feet shakes. Hurricanes blow towns out of existence. There are cracks in our nuclear power plants. Our life-sustaining atmosphere is turning brown from poisons; its ozone layer has holes the size of continents. We now fear the possibilities of global droughts, for several reasons.

Additionally, there is the threat that our credit system — perhaps even the international banking system — might collapse and create a world where fleshless fingers clutch at ground fish patties and powdered milk.

Nor is any job secure. Careers and entire industries are being wiped out as a new economy replaces the old one. Young men and women today need to change their careers five to ten times in order raise their families. This will probably be very stressful — especially for those who don’t enjoy studying and frequent re-training.

Your Inner Power 

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