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Greatest Treasure

Peace Feels So Good

Peace feels so good. As peace begins to occur to your mind and spreads through your head and face down into your chest, it ultimately feels like a quiet, cooling river flowing beneath your skin from head to toe, making your entire body feel very pleasant. The mind enjoys the refreshment of not having to churn out more and more thoughts. The heart is able to put aside envy, fear, anger, and feel good about life. At last, abiding in the peace of your higher consciousness, you have found a most delightful place to be.

Not only is peace a wonderful place to experience regularly, and ultimately to live in, peace is extremely valuable in another way: Peace gives you freedom of choice. Prior to having peace, your thoughts and feelings, even your decisions, will tend to be forced on you by your previous attitudes and experiences. These old attitudes will mechanically dominate your not-so-free will.

Old attitudes, believe it or not, almost always dictate what you're going to do about new problems and possibilities. That is, the momentum of past experiences, old thoughts and feelings, will persuade you to simply continue going in the direction you've been going. You will not be able to stop and look at the problem fully, think clearly, and consider new options until you have peace.

Peace is like the neutral gear on a car. Without a neutral gear you cannot switch from a forward movement to a backward movement at least not easily. If you try switching from a fast forward to a reverse you will ruin your gears and other parts of your engine as well. Similarly, we need peace in order to switch gears. We need peace in order to stop the momentum of the past, to stop its dominance. Through peace you think creatively and determine the best decision.

So, not only is peace a most beautiful aspect of being alive, it's also extremely helpful perhaps essential in freeing us to choose the best alternatives at each and every turning point in our lives.

And Then, Joy 

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