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Graham Ledgerwood has avidly studied Western and Eastern Mysticism since 1963 and began practicing meditation as a youth in 1958. He has studied and practiced many forms of Mysticism Sufism, Jewish Mysticism and Christian Mysticism, Zen, Egyptian Mysticism, The Tao, Theosophy, the Eight Main Yogas, and many others.

Graham Ledgerwood
He became an illuminatus in 1966, a recognized Master in 1971, and received honors and initiation into the status of avadhut (one who lives in Spirit) in 1976. He has been teaching Mysticism, Yoga, and Metaphysics since 1970 and has personally taught more than fifteen thousand people.

Graham has written KEYS TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, an inspiring book about spiritual awakening. In July 1995 he concluded his full-time teaching to focus on writing and meditation.

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