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Greatest Treasure

Ongoing Joy

Joy is vast. Words are inadequate. Joy is not an occasional bubble of cheerfulness. Joy is ongoing, self-renewing happiness. It is a positive state of well being which, as it develops, permeates your entire life. It floods your mind with happiness and great ideas. It fills your spinal cord and other nerves with an ecstatic sense. Your heart, lungs, and chest area feel light, clear, and expansive in a profound delight. Ultimately, your eyeballs, ears, and other senses, along with your bones, ligaments, muscles, skin, and other tissues feel like they are vibrating or dancing with exquisite and ever-pleasing joy. This joy is beyond description and must be experienced.

This level of joy isn't easy to discover. Much aspiration and deliberate focus are required in order to know the higher consciousness this intimately. Most people who find joy never dreamed that they would be able to experience something so lofty. However, this capacity of the higher consciousness which we are calling by a short, little word joy is already locked within each and every human being, awaiting discovery. As a consequence of not only visiting but ultimately living in a state of joy, you will find joy and ecstasy continually playing within your being.

There are many practical applications of joy. For those who must seek a benefit before they make an endeavor, consider this. Most people live in the hope that their work, their sporting activities, their marriages, their children, their inventions, their plans, their hard work, will bring them happiness. They look at money as something which will, if accumulated appropriately, also bring happiness. What if you could find happiness far beyond your expectation? What if you could find it directly? What if you could find it delightedly blazing inside you, ever-new, and never boring? What if it could so pour out of you that it would help your health, make your mind sharper and clearer, make your emotions more balanced, and enable you to be a much more mature, alive, and able person? What if this happiness increased your coordination? Your respect of other people? Your capacity to accomplish projects and solve problems? What if this joy sloughed off old hurts and pains, making your life feel fresh and clean? What if this joy made you a winner, a more successful person, full of enthusiasm and the capacity to lead and inspire other people?

These are some of the benefits to be found in yourself as you develop awareness of your higher consciousness. Your joy will not only directly satisfy innumerable emotional needs but will also spread like a positive disease, perhaps becoming an epidemic of good will in your part of the country.

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