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Greatest Treasure

What Happened?

Your life pretty much reflects the decisions you've already made. Your present lot in life is the best indicator of how good your decisions are. It's easy to see the choices you made when confronted with challenges and opportunities. Are you happy with your choices? Good for you if you are. If you're happy with your choices, you likely have a degree of this marvelous insight from your higher consciousness already available to you.

However, if you look back at your life with frustration and wonder "What happened?," you do not have access to your best assets, including superconscious insight. Do you wonder why some friends became so successful and happy while you, who had equal opportunity and perhaps even superior talents, have to poke through the ashes of your years searching for the few remaining embers of happiness? What happened?

Chances are you made some bad decisions, selected the wrong alternatives. You probably ignored your best opportunities. Perhaps you responded to people in a way that made your life less successful and progressively narrow. Perhaps, due to the turbulence of your mind, you didn't notice people who could have been your good friends for life. Did you instead choose projects and colleagues who crippled your talents? Perhaps many opportunities for happiness were not perceived clearly and you chose instead numbness, boredom, or a cynic's attitude. In any case, how very sad it is that day in, day out, for years you did not seek or heed your creative intelligence nor the other wonders within your higher consciousness.

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