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Global Challenges

It’s exciting to be alive today, isn’t it? We’re becoming able to communicate with one another in so many ways. Health research is lengthening our life spans. People of different religions, nations and races are striving to understand and embrace one another. We can gaze into a new millenium hopefully.

But we citizens of Earth find ourselves poised at a most delicate moment in history. Our water, air and soil are poisoned. Many of our families and communities are breaking down. We’re having trouble feeding everyone. ** Violent crime continues in most places. Terrorism occurs frequently in so many countries. Nuclear annihilation remains a possibility. Poverty and disease afflict our global family too commonly.

This world is a product of the way we have thought, felt and acted over many centuries. In its triumphs and in its shuddering inadequacies, it represents what we as a human race have been thinking about life and ourselves so far. Our regular manner of doing things has resulted in the present worldwide condition — good and bad.

Considering humanity as a unit — which it most assuredly is — we might observe that however numerous and wondrous our advances, there are obviously some shortcomings in our routines of thinking and doing. Have we not, in a most awesome manner, missed the point somewhere? Aren’t we blocking or frustrating the aptitudes and skills necessary for survival and uninterrupted well being here on earth? At this most significant time in humanity’s struggle to live in peace, is our present state of awareness adequate to our needs? Aren’t increased awareness and concern absolutely necessary?

All around us we see partial solutions which cause problems that haunt us later. For example, getting rid of destructive insects with insecticides may be a good temporary solution, but what happens to those toxins later on has to be part of the consideration. Changing the face of nature can bring floods and death. Holding back bright children can have a devastating effect on the well being of a nation and humanity at large later on. Political motivation can often do great harm, as well as great good.

The point is, here at a major crossroad in human history, you are alive. Our world today is a product of what we've thought and felt and done in the past. Surely it is clear that a new way of dealing with life's challenges is imperative.


Is life a prison to be escaped -- a mystery to be solved? Or, is life a gift to be Received, Opened, Treasured, Realized?


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