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3 Peace and Joy

An important point to understand is that your thoughts and feelings are wearing you out. Literally, your mental/emotional activity is probably shortening your life. Would you drive your car twenty-four hours a day? If you did, how long would it last? Any machine kept going without rest and maintenance starts to malfunction in short time. Quite similarly, those who allow their thoughts and feelings to churn continually, every day, as most people do, suffer in many ways.

Is thinking and feeling, then, bad for you? Certainly not. In a world starving for love and great ideas, genuine good will and inspiration are vitally important. What is meant by "churning mind" is the undirected, random drift of thoughts. Most people allow their thoughts to come and go as they please memories, sensations, fantasies, and other ideas continually moving in haphazard, generally chaotic, fashion.

Similarly, the emotions wildly move within us a warfare of hope, fear, desire, resentment, love, and hatred. Also, thoughts and feelings often clash in their separate pursuits. For example, you may have a feeling of grief which dominates and limits your mental range of thought; or your repeated thoughts about a negative situation will likely make a good mood vanish. Usually there are several layers of mental/emotional turbulence going on within, even during sleep.

This turbulence wastes your energy and is destructive in several ways. Principally, mental/emotional turbulence destroys your sense of well being. Very importantly, too, constant mental/emotional turbulence costs a great deal: the activity of nerves and glands is at a more intense and regularly debilitating level. So, not only does your mental/emotional happiness start to break down; but the body, too, in time, simply cannot bear the constant strain. The weakest parts begin to malfunction and disease occurs.

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