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1 Insight, Creative Intelligence

Have you noticed you're generally at your worst, as is most everyone else, when the big decisions of life have to be made? Too frequently, the events of life press us, push us, knock us around until we react and make a change. Decisions of immense significance to the rest of our lives are often made in moments of emotional chaos when we're merely reacting to inner or outer pressures. How many people think clearly when choosing a mate, deciding on a career, or making a big purchase? These decisions will be a major factor in our lives for decades! The decision about a lifetime partner, a suitable profession, or a new residence, for example, will be a major reason for your daily and long-term happiness or sorrow. Yet it is not even popular to think clearly at the time of choosing one's mate for life. People often stumble into their careers, victims of blind circumstance. And, purchases involving years of debt are often made emotionally: "Well, I don't know, but I feel this is the right one."

Very often the pressure of a deadline determines what you think and do about a particular problem. With more time to think, along with more information, wouldn't you choose differently at times? Much of the time? **

The good news is: in becoming aware of your higher consciousness, you discover a tremendous talent which helps you meet the challenges of your life. This faculty of your higher self is called creative intelligence, or superconscious insight. Through your creative intelligence you will be at your very best when making a decision. You will be able to see your problems clearly, in all their aspects. You will distinguish between true opportunity and much suffering disguising itself as opportunity. Insights from your higher consciousness will develop your mind, emotions, and will into a constructive team, improving not only your decisions but the advice you give to professional colleagues and loved ones.

Value of Insight 

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