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Again and again the challenges and demands of life may try to frazzle you or make you feel limited or incapable of dealing with your problems. Even when you're harried or feeling inadequate, you can turn to your higher consciousness. Then security and comfort will spring into your mind, into your body cells and even into the atmosphere around you.

It's interesting to note the derivation of the word comfort, which is such an important attribute of profound security. Comfort comes from two Latin words: com (cum) means with; fort comes from the Latin fortis, meaning bravery. The initial concept of the word comfort is that one who is comforted is instilled with bravery. When you are comforted in the true sense, you have the ability to look honestly at reality and use your capabilities to bring about improvement. In your higher self you will discover a security you can find nowhere else, a sense of security that is complete. No other place in the world can provide so definite a sense of security. To live without this vital part of your potential is to live in worry and fear. If you choose, your higher consciousness will grant you a deep and abiding sense of security.

3 - Peace & Joy 

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