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Reduce Stress

According to a number of stress researchers, stress diseases are the major killers in North America and Europe today. The pressure of mental/emotional turbulence causes countless headaches, including numerous migraine headaches. Many allergies, too, are caused directly or indirectly by stress, and asthma is generally brought about through stress. Much heart disease, arterial disease, colitis, and ulcers are attributed to stress. Also, stress is considered to be a precondition which enables many forms of cancer to gain a foothold in the body. Stress also breaks down our immunities to common diseases such as colds and influenza. The body is not designed to withstand continual mental/emotional activity especially when it expresses as worry and fear, or the predisposition to flee from reality which most mental turbulence mirrors.

Unfortunately, the chaos does not end when we fall asleep. Those who have continually random thoughts and feelings simply go into many dream and anxiety levels while they sleep. Due to a sleep which isn't deep, their attitude about life is bedraggled. The physical deterioration continues in bed. The body continues to wear out.

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