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Mystical Wedding

Returning Blissfully

However, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your view, your body can only stand so much ecstasy and bliss. Also, the higher consciousness does not want to crisp you into a cinder, to wipe out your individual life. So, you return blissfully and ever so sweetly to regular consciousness, usually twenty minutes to half an hour after the experience begins. You come out feeling not only that you have been in heaven but everything you behold around you in your room, or in the park, seems to have that hue, that tincture, of blessedness. You feel astonished and amazed that such an experience happened to you, that it was so much grander, vaster, and more powerful than you could have ever conceived it to be.

With profound memory of the experience and a yearning it happen again soon, you resume your normal activities and find yourself keenly motivated to meditate again whenever the opportunity presents itself. No longer is meditation a chore or a difficulty. You now know what meditation can provide and what a life lived for higher values can mean to you.

Other people may mention that they see light around you. Dogs, cats, butterflies may love to be close to you, to enjoy the free flow of higher consciousness as its momentum continues to a beautiful extent, resonating in your individual life. Little girls and boys might think of you as their dear friend and feel perfectly at home with you on first meeting. Financial and other opportunities may also gravitate toward you as if moved by an invisible hand.

You see the world in a new perspective. You are now feeling your completeness. The finite wave of the infinite ocean has sensed its true source and how great that source really is. In this mystical marriage your finite and infinite nature have embraced in love. From now on they will work together, the finite and the infinite, each serving and helping one another as mates, as partners in love.

Likely you do not understand after this first experience what the wedding really means to you and your life. You may have many questions but this new sweetness in your life tends to give you faith and patient confidence that you will know everything that you need to know. After all, that great consciousness has embraced you as its own.

From this point on, you conduct your life like a wave on an ocean of joy. You see people and things as part of this oceanic consciousness. You recognize how few people sense or are in any way aware of their true nature and birthright, so you strive to be helpful and inspiring, but never dominating or proselytizing. Each individual must proceed at his own rate — which is based on the development of character and a willingness to surrender egocentricity for a state of humble self-surrender.

Your greatly stretched and transparent ego now seeks to re-experience the celestial wedding, to experience the divine lover. The ego seeks to arrange time and appropriate circumstances so that the finite individual consciousness may rush into the arms of the infinite consciousness often and without interruption.

You begin to realize that these ecstatic meditations and towering exaltations are not an end in themselves but something more is about to happen.

You’re Changing 

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