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You Can Choose Your Future!

Your future is your choice! Hopefully, by now you are open to the idea that higher consciousness is available to you. It already exists within you. All you need do is make the effort to discover it and unleash it into your life. Without knowing your faculty of higher consciousness, you are missing out on at least nine-tenths of your potential for happiness and fulfillment. While this quest takes work and sincerity, no pursuit is more worthwhile or so rewarding in every way

Not only do each of us deeply need to awaken and become aware of our own faculties of higher consciousness, but it seems our world will be in deep trouble until more and more people go beyond the limitations of their present awareness and stand in the glorious presence of their true nature. Our world is so full of misunderstanding, there are so many wants and unfulfilled needs. Because of ignorance of our inner abilities, there is much suffering almost everywhere on our planet.

In your quest for higher consciousness, don't be put off by old tendencies and conceptions. Be new, fresh, when you approach higher consciousness. Be willing to explore it. Be honest with yourself. Don't pretend results that aren't really there. Higher consciousness is not a fantasy realm. Higher consciousness has to be discovered as a reality and it must have distinct and definite impacts on your life before you can say you have even begun to know it. Of course your old tendencies and limited thoughts will try to stand in the way whenever you're dealing with something new, something relatively unknown. Don't worry. Push forward. You will succeed.

Of course, it's very helpful if you can find the companionship of some fellow seekers and enlightened people nearby. They will be good friends and very helpful to you. Hopefully one day you will find a special teacher who will be qualified to help you in the development of your life in higher consciousness.

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