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The Mystical Wedding

Higher consciousness is real — it is not a fantasy. If you come out of a supposed deep meditation without improved character, deeper wisdom, and greater love for all mankind, you can be certain you did not experience higher consciousness while you were in your meditative state. Higher consciousness changes you for the better whenever you come into contact with it. It not only enriches you personally but in making you a finer human being, it enriches humanity. Only, perhaps, in taverns and in gambling casinos will you find as many pretenders as you will likely find along the path to higher consciousness. So many would-be aspirants would rather talk, dream, and indulge their opinions than get on with the marvelous prospect of really becoming enlightened.

Graham Ledgerwood
As you proceed toward higher consciousness, be careful not to be taken in by dreamers who show no signs of character, courage, kindness, or clear-mindedness. At the same time, avoid as you would an epidemic the temptation to pretend you are experiencing higher consciousness when you have no clear signs of self-improvement to indicate you have ventured anywhere at all in your quest.

Specific events must occur in your life if you truly discover your higher consciousness. By now you have studied and hopefully practiced character development, faith, love, and the levels of transcendental consciousness. You have developed the habit of patient practice and the Good Will Witness state.

As you develop day by day, you will proceed through the various planes of consciousness. At the same time you also move through the stages of the heart. Accepting yourself as you are and going forward steadfastly, you will experience most all the exalted states of consciousness mentioned here. Great adventures await you.

Different aspirants have different experiences and it's wonderful to observe that each person's path is individual and distinct to him or her. Each enlightened person contributes something unique to the overall experience of humanity. Nevertheless, nearly all aspirants on most of the paths to higher consciousness participate in a sublime experience called the mystical marriage. This great wedding is an activity of your higher consciousness which occurs when — and only when — you are appropriately prepared physically (in the conduct of your daily life), mentally, emotionally, and egoically.

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