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Mystical Wedding

Dedicated to Your Higher Self

As you strive to live an honorable life and be a good person, you find you need to make many sacrifices. Many opportunities to get ahead in your personal life or career often require some sort of compromise or dishonesty on your part but you discover you're unable to make personal advancements which require a compromise of your ideals and growing sense of what is right. At times you very likely will have to fight, take risks, and stand up for your ideals. These crises or turning points often become times of loss or sorrow in that you will lose friends, opportunities, or be thought ill of by those who have a casual attitude about morality, ethics, or the value of the lives of others. You, however, feel you have no choice but to be true to yourself and that you must necessarily take the consequences of your heartfelt commitments.

Proceeding in this way, you grow a great deal in your character and become a fitting person to experience higher consciousness. You become a person who will not try to dominate others or take advantage of people when you have greater power and insight through your enlightenment.

You may also, during this formative time, feel periods of loneliness. You feel out of touch with former friends who have fewer values and sensitivities than you do. You also feel deeply lonely because you have not yet experienced your higher consciousness. You are caught between two worlds; yet you have the courage and conviction to go on into the unknown, whatever the consequences. You have faith in the reality and the supreme value of what you are endeavoring to do.

After many trials and deeply important learning experiences, you begin to form a humble but gratifying self-esteem. You feel at home in your quest and realize you are more committed to it now than you were even at the excited, enthusiastic beginning. Indeed, your determination and delight in the path are consolidated and strong. Perhaps at this time you've experienced some higher moods or tasted of samadhi. Perhaps not.

The Mystic Marriage 

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