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Mystical Wedding

The Mystic Marriage

Suddenly — by a timing you cannot perceive or understand — you find yourself thoroughly committed and dedicated to your higher self, even though you have not experienced it in many — or any — direct ways. Somehow your life has been coordinated by subtle means so that your most special day of "the wedding" may come. Generally, this wedding experience does not occur deliberately and no preparation other than your good conduct of life is involved. Because you are living dedicated to and committed to your higher consciousness and your Creator, a change must necessarily occur in you. It's only a matter of time, and somehow today is the day.

Determined to be true to your path, no matter what, you suddenly feel yourself called to sit down, to pause in your activities, and enter a meditation or reverie. Perhaps you feel like praising the Lord or are unable to speak the deep gratitude and love you feel in your heart. Suddenly this major event in your life, which once you never dreamed could happen to you, begins to thrill you. Deeply calm but sweetly surrendered, you feel an inner upheaval. A delightful, ecstatic movement of energy begins to rumble or shoot up your body. From your lower back and legs, powerful, ecstatically thrilling energy warmly (on rare occasions it may feel cool) pushes with great strength all the way up your body past your heart and throat, face, and into your head. This rush of ecstasy pushes on beyond your head and out into infinite space! All you are aware of is infinite, super-vivid light, love, and power.

You might later reflect that you felt, in this state, like a bird finally let out of its tiny cage to experience universal freedom. You might also reflect that you were not aware of your inert body sitting there motionless. However, while in this state you are only aware of the infinite nature. While in the experience, you do not reflect on your body, mind, or concoct some inappropriate metaphors. Rather, you experience your lofty and grand higher consciousness. You now know your essence, your source, and that it is ever so real and profoundly worth any sacrifice. However, even these mental thoughts and this verbiage are too slow for the state you're in. These reflections occur only afterward.

This ineffable rush of consciousness is called the wedding, or the mystical marriage. In this indescribable event your finite, limited consciousness, your distinct individuality, has embraced your infinite self, your spiritual or divine self, and it's love at first sight. This rush of your finite being into your infinite being is an embrace you will never forget and never want to leave. Your feeling nature has become one with your knowing nature. Your small will has met and abides for a time in the greater will.

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