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Mystical Wedding

The Birth

Gradually, birth occurs. Then, you suddenly realize the cry of your new being! You know in your totality that you are reborn. Your birth is a transformation of your finite consciousness. You now understand. You have become, truly, a new creature. You are a new person, free of old tendencies, habits, and attitudes which have bothered you throughout your life and caused harm and misery to yourself and others. You are new. You are filled with the infinite consciousness and yet you are able to maintain that realization of the infinite consciousness here in your sweet finitude. You, the individual, are a conscious part of the infinite ocean of awareness; yet you are human, finite, and distinct also.

You wonder at the birth. You wonder at your Creator. You realize that you now are the finite beloved of the infinite. It is no longer a matter of "something within" your consciousness being married to the infinite consciousness. That was during the period of the wedding. Now, your entire being — inside and out — is reborn. You are aware of the infinite consciousness moving in every cell and tissue of your being, from your toes to your hair. You recognize yourself completely renewed, and the beloved of your Creator! Your life takes on immortal and eternal dimensions. Your wonder and your joy, along with your gratitude, are never-ending.

Most all true aspirants for higher consciousness experience this wedding and great rebirth. May you in your quest one day know yourself and the higher consciousness in this new incomparable way.


To understand the mystery, you must love.


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