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Mystical Wedding

You Are Being Changed

As your finite and infinite nature play together and ecstatic rapture fills your being, you begin to discover that from the very first embrace, the very first wondrous experience of the rapture and unification of your being, something new has been planted within you, much like a seed. During the colossal periods of unification with the higher consciousness your mind and ego are completely absorbed in the universal awareness. However, you then find yourself coming down out of that state to function in your daily life, conducting regular activities against the background of immense joy and a sense of fulfillment.

Still, you begin to realize that the goal is not yet reached. The wedding, no matter how beautiful, has not had its true fruition. Somehow you yourself are being changed. While the wedding was very transforming in the new perspective and in the new powerful comfort that you realized, you now understand that there is a good part of your daily life and consciousness which remains separate from the higher self, separate from the higher consciousness, except when in deep embrace in meditation. You begin to recognize that you are now as if "with child." Somehow a new being is stirring within you. This new being, this seedling, is of the quality of the higher consciousness; yet it is growing within you in your regular daily consciousness. This inner life continues to develop as the days and often months go by.

And now, on another great and special day — perhaps even a few days in a row which have been suddenly made available to you, a vacation or special time off from work — you find yourself extremely quiet and ever so full of the ecstasy of higher consciousness. You become very still and, like a woman in labor, totally concentrated on the birth that is about to occur. This birth begins to have the feeling of inevitability. This birth challenges your mind with this mystery — a birth which, in its coming forth, pushes your mind and emotions back into a reliance and trust on a great life process which is in the hands of a master midwife.

The Birth 

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