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What Will Prevail?

You may find you have to struggle in order to be more conscious. Despite wonderful benefits close at hand, you will nevertheless find yourself fighting what seems at times a tedious, uphill battle. Why? Old tendencies are very powerful. Your habits will almost always win. It's not a question of sincerity, either. Of course you'd like to be a more loving, creative person. Who wouldn't? Certainly it would be wonderful to contact your higher consciousness with its thrilling insight and inner power. No question it's a worthwhile endeavor. No question it's worth persistence and quantities of attention. Nevertheless, your old tendencies, the way you habitually think and feel your most regular attitudes about life from yesterday and yesteryear will not easily yield to a happier you.

Very often we sincerely make commitments to ourselves. We may even tell others about the new person we are striving to be. Yet a few weeks down the road we are all too often the same. Endeavoring to shape a new life, in one way or another, can be gallingly frustrating. We usually fail. The old way of doing things, the old habit patterns, are so familiar and apparently powerful. Too frequently we resign and give in to the idea that while other people may succeed in their transformation projects, we are somehow less qualified as human beings. Others must have tremendous will power, whereas ours must indeed be very puny. Or, then again, were we truly sincere? Maybe we didn't mean it. Obviously we must not have valued our commitment to our new dreams and goals because we gave up so easily. We failed with such total surrender. It only took a few weeks and here we are, unsuccessful once again. We feel either weak-willed or are convinced that our sincerity is most ingenuine.

Next time, when a good idea comes our way we decide not to be fooled into believing we're sincere. That's that. So it goes. We joyously jump into failure.

Good Intentions 

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