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Meditation ó The Good Will Witness

Welcome to the doorway of Higher Consciousness!

While higher consciousness is occasionally approached in a way which bypasses the Good Will Witness stage, over ninety percent of seekers first enter higher consciousness through this natural maturation, this exaltation of their good will.

You may wish to study this technique and its method, pausing in your reading of the rest of this website until you've had several opportunities to practice the Good Will Witness. Please keep in mind as you develop this technique that no website or book can replace a qualified teacher and that you should only proceed, with any technique in The Mystic, as far as comfort allows.

If you ever become uncomfortable, simply sit back, relax, and resume the practice again when you find it comfortable.

Also, if you are doing therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist, ask his or her advice before doing any meditative practice. Many who are suffering mental/emotional illness benefit richly from meditation. But some others become too emotional or are haunted by memories.

Now, if you've striven to be more conscious from morning through night each day, and if you have become a thoughtful person with a heart and mind full of good will, you will find great delight in the following practice. This excellent method, which has helped numerous people, is merely a suggested way. You may have a better way to meditate which will bring about the results you are striving for.

Probably you will have greater success if you first read this whole Lesson before doing this method step by pleasant step.

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