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Transcendental Consciousness

To become enlightened you will very likely need to develop transcendental consciousness. With the skills of transcendental consciousness, you’ll find it relatively easy to move into an ongoing state of spiritual realization.

Transcendental consciousness is fun to practice and it bestows several of the most rewarding gifts you’ll ever receive. While a few aspirants on the path are able to access their higher consciousness without the specific techniques of transcendental consciousness, most people who ultimately abide in higher consciousness have mastered the three stages of beloved "T.C.":

    1. Concentration
    2. Contemplation
    3. Continuation

Concentration is the ability to center your mind on whatever you’d like to think about. Contemplation is the ability to direct your consciousness to explore any chosen object or idea in profound depth. Continuation is a peak state of higher consciousness in its own right. Eastern mystics call this wondrous revelation samadhi; which means "the thing itself, pure Spirit." Continuation enables you to move beyond concentration and contemplation into glorious uninterrupted periods of absorption in the awareness of the Infinite Spirit. You directly behold Spirit within you, within all people and within all things.

Transcendental consciousness bestows peace and makes your mind work better all day long. It enables you to easily direct your awareness to life improvement at will. It helps you sense the underlying beauty and purpose of life.

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