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Stages of Mental/Emotional Awakening

Practice makes you perfect. Success on your quest is inevitable if you put aside fancies, cowardice, and laziness. However, success is impossible if, no matter how many hours and years you practice higher consciousness techniques, you do those techniques incorrectly or selfishly.

Experience of higher consciousness comes sooner than expected to those who proceed with devotion, good will, faith and a balanced mind. Doing, rather than fantasizing or talking about the techniques, is the key. As you proceed earnestly you experience several unusual, utterly delightful levels of awareness. You move through "levels of the heart" and through numerous planes of consciousness.

This life lesson begins a whole section of possibilities and delights for you if you are a sincere seeker. (And why not be a sincere seeker? What have you to lose but myriad frustrations and sorrows?) As you give yourself a chance and practice the techniques throughout this website, you will discover the nature of awakening, "becoming aware of," your own higher consciousness. Proceeding in your awakening you will, on one unforgettable day, receive enlightenment, a permanent realization of higher consciousness which enables you to live in your true nature.

In order to awaken to your true being and live as an enlightened person, you pass through the levels of mental/emotional development. Whatever your unique path or method, you grow dynamically. Likely, you already have begun your ascent.

1 - Dark State 

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