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2nd Technique

You can learn a great deal about life by studying it. There is a perfect subject for study you. The more you understand yourself, the more you will be able to understand other people. The more you deal with the variables within yourself, the more you can become a true friend to other people. Self-mastery is based on three principles self-discipline, introspection, and devotion and it is very much developed in this second technique called introspection, or self-study.

By practice of introspection, we mean taking five or ten minutes each day to study yourself. You will find it very interesting. You will often be amazed at what is going on inside you.

To practice introspection, use self-discipline! That is, choose ten minutes in the evening before bed, or perhaps in the morning before you go to work. Choose an introspection time and keep it. You will shortly find that you love the experience; and the added efficiency and clarity in your life will convince you how important your introspection time is. Some of the greatest delights of your day will occur during this introspection practice.

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