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Open Containers

The heart and mind of a youth are open containers for the experiences and impressions of others. The quality of companionship directly influences not only what a young person knows but what he or she feels about the world and himself or herself. Also, what a youth knows and feels is generally the basis of his actions. Yet the youth acts according to thoughts and feelings which are so often imparted from parents.

The breakdown in the American family unit is generally cited as the main factor in our incredible crime rate. Most juvenile delinquency is linked to family problems often the physical or emotional absence of the father. And, a recent poll of the prisoners in one penitentiary revealed that all inmates said they had been victims of child abuse.

Companionships, early or late in life, have a profound impact on what a person does with the gift of life. Under positive influences you can cherish the life in others and, holding all life precious, make the best of your own life, too. But, if you are neglected or influenced by negative views, you will likely have little appreciation for the life of another, or for your own life. You will probably not even see or seek opportunities for a magnificent life.

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