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To Have A Friend, Be A Friend

Companionship is an extremely important part of the quest for higher consciousness. It's nearly impossible to achieve lasting superconsciousness by yourself. You will inevitably need help. It may seem strange that something so subtle which involves going deep within your own being should so keenly require companionship, but it's true. Studying the lives of those men and women who were considered enlightened throughout the ages, you will find, likely without exception, that each one was significantly helped along the way by one and often several special companions. Most books about higher consciousness say that it is usually if not always bestowed by one who has it upon one who truly seeks it. Further, the seeker must prove to his (or her) enlightened companion that he has enough character always to be constructive while developing immensely increased power and insight.

Often, it appears that the aspirant makes the extreme effort of being more conscious at every level of his being and then when he is ready, the awakening companion appears. As their special friendship grows and, as the seeker satisfies his mentor with his abilities, the enlightened companion then transmits higher consciousness to the ready student who has pleased him or her.

Are you a fit companion? To have a friend you must be a friend. As you become more conscious, you will find that your heart aches to be a good companion. Not only do you want to be a good friend to fellow seekers, you're frequently inspired to be a friend to all humanity. Your heart, you see, is getting broader and more universal in its concerns.

A True Friend 

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