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The Choice

Distorted Perceptions

The way we choose to see life most of the time is based on the flow of our thoughts and feelings. And, usually, the way we speak or act is, again, based on our thoughts and feelings. Our mental/emotional habits often distort our perceptions of what is happening in the outer world. Not too many people have elected to be conscious enough to notice what is going on in reality. There's too much chaos inside people for them to be able to see life's events clearly. Riots have occurred over two cents. People have been shot because of what somebody wrongly thought or blindly felt. The famous medieval scholar, Peter Abelard, was castrated because Canon Fulbert thought Peter was forcing Fulbert's niece, Heloise, to become a nun. Peter was, in fact, scholars report, helping Heloise to hide in a convent far from the grasp of her uncle.

Your consciousness that is, your thoughts, feelings, actions, and awareness of the outer world is the main force toward life-enrichment.

Awareness Exercises 

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