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Are You Aware?

A Great Inner Wealth

Great wealth has, in fact, been placed within you and every person such wealth that three million dollars looks like a petty or incomplete treasure when compared to what is within you already. This treasure is called higher consciousness. It also has other names like superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness, or spiritual awareness, but most commonly it is called higher consciousness. Yes, it is a reality to thousands upon thousands of dynamic, creative people who draw upon it every day. But have you experienced it? Can you turn to your higher consciousness at will and find, with delight and ease, an especially wonderful energy and insight flowing through you and your world? Look far and wide, you will find there is no greater treasure available to you for happiness and fulfillment than your already existing and available higher consciousness. Also, with the aid of this consciousness you can solve your problems, know love, and be of great benefit to your fellow man and woman.

Though it would be a tragedy to die of poverty while actually and unknowingly being a millionaire, a greater tragedy and the strangest paradox of all is that most people have astonishing resources for happy lives and a better world; but, instead, they ignore these great capacities of their higher consciousness. People let their hopes remain fantasies rather than discover the means to make dreams real. What a strange situation! Yet people tend to chase all over the world, often behaving like beggars in search of small benefits which will tide them over until the next crisis in their lives. Imagine having the capability for great satisfaction already within reach and yet not turning toward it. Imagine not being able to raise your awareness to numerous yes, infinite possibilities that can make your life richer and more satisfying.

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