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Are You Aware?

What Are Your Priorities?

Another case in point: what would you think of someone who had millions but died of a heart attack when the cost of living rose five percent? Twenty percent? Such things have happened. Have you heard about immensely wealthy people who were so frightened of poverty that they lived in incredible misery? Remember the woman in New York who slept in most meager rooms, starving herself, hiding from the cold in an old fur coat? When she died, stocks and bonds totaling tens of millions of dollars were found inside her coat and ancient mattress.

Similarly, an old farmer in North Dakota felt he could not afford to heat his cabin, even in the middle of Dakota winters! Every evening he would visit a friend who could afford heat. Then, late at night, he would take some coals from his friend's stove, carrying them to his own cabin in a bucket. The warmth of these coals enabled him to survive until morning. When he died it was discovered "the man of miserable winters" was, in fact, a wealthy man. One part of his fortune, fifty thousand dollars, was found under his floor boards, an entertaining nest for the mice!

You may laugh or weep at that farmer but what are your priorities? Where are you searching for your fulfillment? Where have you traveled in your hopes? Higher consciousness awaits your attention. Infinite possibilities for fulfillment already exist within your higher consciousness. Most people search everywhere and often their memoirs reflect they did not achieve what they'd hoped for in life. Their years didn't build into permanent well being.

Ignorance Is Costly 

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