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Are You Aware?

Ignorance Is Costly

The possibilities of higher consciousness ride within you wherever you roam the earth's surface in search of satisfaction. Without sensing your higher consciousness you may feel you have to force your will on others or outsmart them so you can get what you want. But your inner wealth already exists and the wisdom of your higher consciousness can show you how to fulfill bigger dreams than you ever dared dream.

Ignorance of your higher consciousness is very costly. Not only are you robbed of its tremendous ability to help you with your life, but you live cut off from the source of your strength and insight. Without the help of your inner power and wisdom, you feel cut off from others. Relationships are difficult to sustain, or even begin. Loneliness and a sense of separation from others is commonplace because it is your higher consciousness which provides the sense of harmony and interrelationship in life. Without awareness of your higher consciousness, your life will often seem without meaning and, indeed, without purpose.

In ignoring your higher consciousness, the stress of life will wear away at you and significantly shrink your number of years. Without the underlying sense of interrelationship which higher consciousness reveals, life becomes mainly conflict. With conflicts come the effects of victory — more battles, more stresses as you struggle to keep what you’ve gained — or of defeat, which often brings suffering, a sense of worthlessness and much enfeebling brooding. The cost of ignoring your higher consciousness is so extreme that no one who understands the cost would ever want to pay such a price.


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