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Are You Aware?

An Experiment

Perhaps you can experience a little of your higher consciousness sooner, rather than later.

Try this experiment if you are of sound mind and physical health, and not given to an overly vivid imagination: Think of someone you love who is in a distant city or town. Sit calmly and feel in your heart actually, in the center and front of your chest how much you love him (or her). Sense the emotion of love.

Now feel that from the center of your chest the light of your love, the energy of your love, is reaching out and touching that beloved one. Have no desire to intrude. Be perfectly willing, if you feel a blockage, to abandon the practice until another time. Usually, however, people love to feel your love. They welcome it. So, very likely you'll find you can extend, from the center of your chest, the feeling of your love and appreciation. You can contact a far-off person even though you are separated by thousands of miles.

You will notice, as your love subtly touches that person's life, that you will receive with practice a sense of what that person is feeling and, even, mentally preoccupied about. Notice, as your love flows, whether you feel he or she is emotionally "up" or sad and at a loss. You may even find that on the mental screen of your forehead you will sense some images or concepts from your loved one's mind.

After a period of attunement, write down your experiences and impressions. Then, if you can, phone the beloved one whom you have contacted with your heart and learn whether your love has revealed a faculty of knowing, which is far beyond the normal. You may find that even in doing this practice for the very first time you have sensed at a superconscious level many emotional and mental activities of a dear person thousands of miles distant. You may conclude that in this manner you can know someone more compassionately and fully than ever before.

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