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Mystical Awakening

Mystical awakening is individual. Your particular sequence will be the very best one for you. It is arranged through the instrumentality of higher consciousness itself. You must give yourself a chance and not interfere with your awakening. Using guidelines from this website and Mysteries.Net may be helpful, but to use these principles in order to set your will on how your awakening is supposed to occur will greatly inhibit you.

However, while awakening comes to each person differently, some stages of realization are nearly universal. These stages and signs recur again and again in the lives of awakening aspirants. When you experience any of these stages you are greatly fortunate. Your understanding of these signs will prove extremely beneficial, providing you encouragement and validation of your personal awakening.

Graham Ledgerwood
Many seekers have experiences they donít understand and they live far away from qualified teachers. Often, these sincere seekers are having genuine enlightening experiences but since they cannot comprehend or evaluate what is happening to them, they do not recognize or build upon their tremendous blessings. To uninformed seekers, one experience may seemsas important or unimportant as another.

Many times, spiritual awakening is confused with psychic states or a flood of vivid impressions projected from the subconscious mind. Itís a "precious and rare thing," unless you have an enlightened teacher, to know where you are coming from and where you are going as awakening begins. Awakening events can occur to you for years but you probably will not give them the attention they deserve unless you have a basic familiarity with the road ahead.

You may lament you are not becoming enlightened while indications of your awakening are all around you. Itís essential, if you wish to make gratifying, lasting progress, that you understand the dawnings of higher consciousness and what they signify to your life-enrichment.

As you proceed, be alert.

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